Morning meditation

Morning meditation

Caught in the nets of being
           we struggle to be free
to disentangle ourselves
           from anything from everything
that holds us back on life’s ladders
           I awake at dawn
with a plan in my head
           a thread of thought
that might lead to some
           liberating action

At dawn in the dark world
           I sit and meditate
as I sip at my coffee
           weigh the trammels
and the chances
           of leading my life
into a new dimension
           my ears cocked
for a message from the angels
           who circulate all around us

I hear foxes chewing
           the last cud of the night
before they slope away
           I hear birdsong
that reminds us each day
           to begin afresh
without remorse or doubts
           I hear the blank silence
that somehow
           I must fill with words :
these are some
           of those words

John Lyons

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