A declaration of independence

A declaration of independence

This then
           is the voice of me
the breath and the wherewithal
           of me
the much-travelled road
           the all seen and done of me
I place flowers in my poetry
           roses above all
and the beauty of her flesh
           that I sing because it is there
to be sung
           to be praised to the heavens
as all truth is
           I have my geography
I wear it under my chin
           I sleep with it at night
I ferry it from place to place
           I am an archipelago of selves
and yet dwell in my oneness
           if there is an energy greater
than the power of love
           please let me know
I would trim my hair
           and polish my shoes
in order to have the pleasure
           but I doubt
I doubt there is anything
           truer or more constant
than love
           no weather can destroy it
no years no times no place
           it is at the very heart
of my life
           it is what palpitates
what glows with its own
           quite special radiation
it is there for all to see
           shamelessly affirmative
it is what poetry
           was made for

John Lyons

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