Love how the light

Love how the light

Love how the light
           falls through the leaves
of summer trees
           the chapter and verse
of the spread branches
           once bare now thriving
with fresh life
           the vivid greens set
against the backdrop
           of blue sky

These leaves in time will fall
           to be gathered in piles
before fire or dust
           consumes them all
but for a while birds will nest
           and sweethearts
may stretch out
           beneath their shade
and plan for no end
           to their love

Love how time filters
           through the leaves
how combed and caressed
           its pace is reduced
as all cares
           are brushed away

Love how the light
           and love coalesce
into moments
           of beautiful being
in which transience halts
           with a nod to eternity
I imagine the leaves
           as words strung out
for all the world
           to see and to admire
the dancing lilting leaves that sway
           with the rhythms of life

John Lyons

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