Enough for today

Enough for today

Some day some of my words
may be important
though not now
not for a good while
and not necessarily or ever

Today there are daffodils
and clouds and the threat
of rain and a return to winter
and after all the woollens
have been carefully tucked away

I hear the siren of the steamship
that plies its trade on the Thames
that ferries tourists back and forth
in their aimless lives passing under
the bridge of history
in the shadow of the Tower

and outside on the street
I hear animated conversation
words used as a web of intimacy
or simple good cheer
because there’s time and because
time somehow has to be passed

There are young children too
growing into the words
they will later use with such
precision to praise or to destroy
to build a life around
their affections and so defeat
the endemic darkness

John Lyons

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