The shape of time

Art of Painting
The Art of Painting, Vermeer

The shape of time

 Pockets of time
         caught in art
trapped under pigment
         line and colour
from a different age :
         after the cave came canvas
but it’s the same process
         time dedicated
to capturing time
         a succession of moments
or of perceptions
         or of intuitions
or simply of actions
         but all shaped
thoughts feelings
and there’s
         a single narrative
running through it all
         this is what it is
to be human
         to be alive
or at least
         an aspect of it

John Lyons

One thought on “The shape of time

  1. Beautiful. As a history of art student, I’m always incited by how temporally we think, and how that translates to the static image. A big fan of this!


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