Monday morning

Monday morning

Suddenly green again
          the fields that the summer
burnt away
          vanished the crisp dry grass
now rolling pastures
          and lush meadow

Tireless renewal
          what the sun scorches
the sun brings back to life
          and the days when we
went down to the sea
          are behind us
when we sat on the promenade
          watching the waves
of families as they passed by
          the children eating their lollies
the parents
          chatting their lives away

There’ll be no more roses
          until next spring
though imports may
          see us through

The pebbles and stones
          and sand on the beach
and the sea with a history
          all of its own
an archaeology even
          a strange murky kingdom
not quite of this world
          Winter is a simplification
it strips away all but
          the very essence of life
what must go on
          In the summer love
comes out to play
          to frolic
in wide open spaces
          In the winter it gets cosy
draws up a blanket
          lies still : lovers all
hugging their silent dreams
          through the faltering hours

John Lyons


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