View from the Turner Museum, Margate

Turner Contemporary
The Turner Contemporary gallery, Margate

View from the Turner Gallery, Margate

How light the liquid light
          lies upon the sea
as the sun sets
          the silver shimmer
of tiny waves that roll in
          from the distant horizon
candescent curls
          that ferry brilliance
to the shore : calm now
          on this end of summer
afternoon with contentment
          settled among the families
at play on the beach
          fine dry sand underfoot
and a rising tide and a waning
          moon in the wings

Here Turner knew
          tempestuous times
when ships were lost
          with all souls drowned
: but there were days too
          when the placid waters
held his eye and he saw
          only peace and comfort
his heart awash
          with the beauty of it all

John Lyons

Visit the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm.



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