At the end of the day

At the end of the day

Tonight clouds tinged
          with red
but the light fading fast
          so that seen from my window
the trees appear two-dimensional
          a flat landscape

I hear the crows cawing
          as they make their way
to their nests
          and I wonder where
those nest might be
          high up
in some tree top
          no doubt

Evening settling in
          and with it my mind calms
and whatever concerns I have
          are laid aside for another day

The forecast is for wind
          the prospect of several blustery days
to shake the autumn leaves
          to the ground : year after year
the same patterns are repeated
          Farmers have taken in their harvests
have tilled the bare earth
          though the orchards are heavy
with ripe apples and pears
          waiting to be picked

John Lyons


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