Turner’s time

Origins, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Turner’s time

Time of itself
           no significant changes
my time is not your time
           we each carry our own load
I could even say lode
           Time and what you make of it
the wish to change
           and the will to change
the energies that we apply
           to the process of change
or stasis
           and time-resistance
no wish and no will
           to change and each year
as the year before
           and life a constant
duplication of the previous
           or do I repeat myself
the steps we take
           that you and I take
to renew and refresh
           to break through
the time-barrier
           Turner on Margate beach
sand under his feet
           sailed through time
applied fire to his canvas
           held eternity at bay
if only for a while
           all for his art

John Lyons


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