Hope in words

Hope in words

Hope in words
           in the truth simply put
the rose has its path
           the river runs
down to the sea
           days come and go
but through words
           we navigate
find our bearings
           make sense
of our feelings
           cling to the possibility
of beauty and love
           in our lives

Hope in words
           and trust in the truth
in the goodness
           that rises up
out of the earth
           that builds all life
The hawk that appeared
           one Friday evening
on a ledge in Earls Court
           and all the commuters
making their way home
           observed in awe this bird
so out of its comfort zone
           its implacable eyes
scouring the tracks
           for edible life
nothing by chance
           nothing for no purpose
hope in words
           that can carry
the mind
           to a better place

John Lyons


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