Heart and mind

Heart and mind

The mind turns
            to the body
says to the heart
            move on
forgive and forget
            the pettiness
of perfidy
            is not worth a penny

The mind turns
            to the body
says remembrance
            is only of things past
love if it exists
            needs no remembering
and if it doesn’t
            ’s not worth the trouble

The mind has a soul
            of its own
it is the heart
            of our other half
the heart and the mind
            have separate eyes
but a bird cannot hear
            its own song

Love shapes sound
            it flowers in the air
we are all instruments
            are played and resonate
Death steals away
            the voice unless love
restores it
            Bury the past
with no tears
            close the circle
once and for all
            and good riddance

John Lyons


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