The immeasurable sky

The immeasurable sky

Love deals in absolutes
           in the beauty of truth
and the truth of beauty
           immeasurable as the sky
or the blue ocean depths
           the thorn that protects
the scarlet rose
           the summer songbirds
and the winter’s lament

Would that she had
           kept the faith
and loved me as deeply
           as I her
and these my poems
           songs of innocence
and experience
           though all in love
are blameless

I have seen
           the mottled trout
rising through
           unblemished waters
soaked with sunlight
           a gentle summer breeze
in my hair and youth
           in my veins

all those years now gone
           and many who were with me
on that day gone too –
           the beauty of love is
that it remains
           true to itself
for all time

John Lyons


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