Lights camera action

world view.jpg
Brave new world, John Lyons (20 x 20 oil on canvas)

Lights camera action

Abstract they say
           suggesting devoid
of form or rhyme
           or reason
as though geometry
           were the only truth

Time is occasions
           and they occur spatially
there is no such thing
           as empty space
no such thing as frontier
           we’re all in this together
the welter of events
           energy and mass
and the stillness
           of the contemplative mind

This then is my geography
           a battlefield
an urban woodland
           back and forth
across the ocean
           highs and lows
a little love
           here and there
my DNA written
           in the stars
skin and bone
           of the sun

And as the wind rises
           I lean into the future
it may be a long hard winter
           but I will not be cowed
I carry Hector and Achilles
           in my blood
and to date
           not a drop has been spilt

I was once so young
           I had no memories
the slate was clean
           and there was everything
to play for

John Lyons

With corrections


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