Love is what it is

Love is what it is

It is what it is
           love that is
a universe
           to which not a jot
can be added
           or taken away

Budapest Paris
           Venice Chartres
these were stellar
           moments that will
illuminate my life

Just as we left a trail
           with traces of love
wherever we passed
           through the streets
of London

This quantum love
           is what it is
it cannot be denied
           it cannot be erased
it cannot be undermined
           or usurped
it is as though it had
           a life of its own
and that in its energy
           and its mass
it will run on for all eternity
           and it will

For my part I forget nothing
           I have forgotten nothing
her hair her eyes
           her lips her subtle smile
embedded in the depths of my blood
           in my altered DNA

and whether in the days and months
           and the years to come
we are side by side
           or far apart and
whether we’re talking still
           or have been engulfed
by silence
           it is as it is
and as it always was
           and as it always will be

John Lyons



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