Only love can hold

A green hill that rolls off
       into the distance
people are out
       walking their dogs
and birds are mustering
       too far away for me
to identify the species
       a squirrel has been
running back and forth
       on the rim
of the garden fence
       I’m not sure I know
the purpose of it all
       but does it really matter ?

I have a nodding
with the cosmos
       I know that energy
is the origin of all life
       and that we all
end our days
       as potash

In the meantime
       we have been granted
the beauty of sight and sound
       and the desire to love
and be loved
       pass through our hands
Time marks progress
       and decay
each moment is precious
       each step each breath
Only love makes sense
       of a life
only love can hold it
       all together

John Lyons


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