Looking out across the ocean

Say that the ocean is infinite
that it has no beginning
that it has no end
a thin grey line stretches out
on the horizon beyond which
I see nothing

at night it sleeps beneath
the stars and the moon
it moves gently and deeply
and yet has nowhere to go

and in that it bears the shape
of all eternities
imagine a love that stretched out
in all directions
one that had no beginning and no end
one within which passion thrived
and in which the fish and the dolphins
and all manner of creatures
brushed against the lovers
and envied their words and their kisses

Say that every instant in its moment
is infinite and endless so that
it embraces an ocean of time

I study the flat surface teased
by a soft breeze so that it ripples
like the skin of a woman
whom I caress with infinite tenderness
The ocean has no lips
it has no words to express
all that it feels
it simply is as I simply am
as love simply is

John Lyons


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