The angels live among us

The earth
       so full of life
so full of truth
       another word
for universe
       that which
never lies –
       the riddle
of the sands
       But behind
every paradox
       every mystery
lie explanations
       and meanings

The innocent smile
       of a young child
the purity
      of her message –
as she left the tube
       she turned to thank
all her fellow passengers
       and to bid them goodbye
These are the angels
       true messengers
who speak only
       of goodness and love
the earth so full
       of truth and love

John Lyons


One thought on “The angels live among us

  1. The Angels really do live among us, John Joseph writes so beautifully and honestly. I am lucky enough to have experience of the angels in my life. The world would be a sadder place without them. Maybe JJ could be the writer in residence at the Palace of Westminster to inspire and enlighten our Government .


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