The waste of memory

The waste of memory—
        digital images caught
on devices doomed
        to obsolescence
with the advance
        of new technologies

Once upon a time
        a mind was sufficient
to recall happy times
        places where love
was shared
        on a day full of sun
and laughter
        a birth
a marriage
        significant moments
of pride or pleasure
        or achievement

Once upon a time

There is no return
        no way back
to the vast empty days
        we leave in our wake

One day I may struggle
        to recall that I ever loved you
in those days when no one
        was dearer to my heart :
a certain dress you wore
        in a certain unforgettable
location growing dimmer
        by the day
even as the sunlight fades
        One day will one day
be the last and all our loves
        and all our regrets
will be lost forever
        and a day

John Lyons


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