Norwalk in the Fall

Norwalk in the Fall

Years that come and go
          —through Harlem
on a train out to Norwalk
           in the late Fall of 1976
the lakes brimming with sunlight
           the trees decked
in richly variegated
           copper tones
the air dry and cool

Chicago singing on the radio
           If you leave me now
met by my father’s second cousin
           her hair the deep rust
of autumn leaves
           her house in a clearing
in the forest
           her voice soft in the silence
my heart aching
           for a lost love

John Lyons


Connecticut recollection (1976)

Connecticut recollection (1976)

I remember a forest of copper and gold
and wide lakes in which the water lulled
and a radiant blue sky and a bitter wind
and a song that every radio station played

endlessly about leaving and the heart breaking

and I thought that it would pursue me
to the ends of the earth and it did
but I looked closely at the leafless trees

and saw that the buds of new leaves

were there in place ready to burst forth
and it reminded me that nothing dies
no matter how challenged and that life
is endless and love too if it is true

John Lyons