Heron in flight

Heron in flight

What roused me
           from my daydream
was the sound of a heron
           flying overhead as I stood
in the supermarket car park
           It was down by the Thames
one cold January morning
           and the heavy flap flap flap
of its wings surprised me
           I looked up and watched
as it flew off into the distance
           into the silence

I knew that it was heading south
           perhaps to Crayford marshes
or beyond and I wondered
           whether I would ever see it again

John Lyons



Yesterday evening
         as the sun was setting
the sky seared with red light
         thirty or more ducks
flying in that characteristic
          ragtag bobbing V-formation
heading home
         to Crayford Marshes

As Charles Olson puts it
         anger came after man
there is none in nature
         Nature is pure beauty
all life from the division
         from the exuberant
multiplication of single cells

         through the sharing
of cellular resources
         two for the price of one
literally each my other half

         and from this process
the rich complexity of the rose
         of the spider’s web
or the webbed feet
         of amphibians

so that always at the heart
         of all that is beautiful
an essential simplicity
          and so too I ache
for the kiss of her lips
         for the warm press
of her breast on mine

         for her sweet compliance
as I enter the openness
         of her kindred flesh
again and again

         so softly

John Lyons

*Revised from earlier posting