What shall I call it
the enigmatic ocean –
white ships sailing
upon it like lost souls
dwarfed in its immensity

It has no meaning
it has no purpose
other than to be –
to curl its briny lips
upon distant shores

Like the moon and stars
it stirs the imagination
and feeds our dreams
but after seventy years
of days and nights
I have no answers
except to say that I know
where love lies and
where it does not

John Lyons

Madeiran serenade

That night as you slept
       by the ocean’s edge
bright stars appeared
       in the black sky

New constellations formed
       and shone over your head
– they chased away
       the dark shadows
that have haunted your dreams
       for years

In your silence
       you slept like an angel
your wings folded beneath you
       your breath slow and peaceful
your heart at one with the world :
       and I thought how wonderful
for you and I to be alive
       at this time in this place

John Lyons