On mornings such as today
         I’m glad to be alive
Autumn is in full swing
         and half the trees
have had their shakedown
         the litter of leaves everywhere
But from where I’m sitting
         the garden has been backlit
by a gorgeous sun illuminating
         the various shades of green
that remain attached to whatever
         pointing up the berries
that have yet to be devoured
         by the indolent flock
that manages this part
         of the world

The air is cool but not cold
         and a gentle breeze is stirring
From another window I see the sky
         a vast swathe of blue
with shreds of thin cloud
         so high that they give
the impression that somewhere
         beyond them heaven might lie

But I know better :
         heaven is in the oxygen
that I am breathing
         heaven is in the life
unfolding before my eyes
         heaven is in the give and take
of unconditional love
         heaven is in the kiss shared
and in the arms that reach out
         to my outstretched arms
heaven is here in the clinch
         of our two souls
heaven is here and now
         on a day like today

when I’m simply glad
         to be alive

John Lyons