Mayflower, John Lyons (oil on wood)

Virginal flower
       for the month of May
the pilgrim flower
       that sails through
our days our lives
       the simplicity and purity
the blue of innocence
       the incandescent candour
of petals that will
       like us all
one day

eternal cycle rising
       out of the earth
only to return
       to its place of birth
mineral resurrection
       driven by the powers
of creation
       beauty in the eye
and in the heart
       undying love

John Lyons


A primrose a mayflower

A primrose a mayflower

A primrose a mayflower
           a new time and place
a happening of the heart
           in my altered circumstance
Now that the temperature
           has dropped what I long for
is the whisper of a new world
           and an open hand to beckon me
an open mind to embrace me
           no longer to be merely a maybe
Time has me by the neck
           I want it to cease and desist
to put the black cat
           back in the bag for now

John Lyons