The self all at sea

       that sense of wonderment
when the mind
       not to say the body
is blown away
       by beauty

That she is rose
       and flesh
all woven
       from light

Here in the place of birth
       her hair tangled
by the brisk breeze
       her eyes damp
with remembrance
       with loss

At night she grinds her teeth
       the lost innocence
the years misspent
       in pointless pursuits
the child in her
       a figment of the imagination

She who was once rose
       on the threshold of dust
at the dissolution of time
       where the sea thrashes
the ocean’s edge
       and peace alone
comes to creatures
       that swim with the tide

John Lyons


Birthday in Rushden

Birthday in Rushden

Where you took
           your first breath
and all that has
           happened since
the laughter
           and the tears

those you have
           known and loved
your eyes alert
           to the slightest
act of tenderness
           Where your limbs
first stirred
           and where
from time to time
           your thoughts return

On each occasion
           you feel the same
you feel different
           knowing that you too
in spirit and in the flesh
           are deeply loved

John Lyons