Andy Warhol’s snails

slow work
Andy Warhol’s snails, John Lyons (oil on snail shells)

Andy Warhol’s snails

We all like a little excitement
perhaps a night on the town

hair done so we look our best
add a little personal colour

to stand out from the crowd
We’re all looking for love

or at the least some social acceptance
None of us wants to be eaten alive

or to return crestfallen at dawn
our hopes & dreams crushed underfoot

John Lyons


Snail’s pace

Tray, John Lyons (oil on aluminium)

Snail’s pace

Under the cover of darkness
snails engage in erratic movement

leaving a thin trail behind them :
survival of the species demands

that they seek out new sources
of nutrition in order

to secure their line
energy to drag their shells

forward into the future
just as I leave in my wake

a haphazard dribble
of words and colours

John Lyons