For I have loved her. . .


Come comrades,
leave me here a while
and when you want me
sound upon the bugle-horn

All around the curlews call
flying over Locksley Hall
In the distance sandy tracts
and hollow ocean-ridges
roaring into cataracts

Many a night
did I look on great Orion
sloping slowly to the West

Many a night the Pleiads
rising through the mellow shade
did glitter like a swarm of fire-flies
tangled in a silver braid

Here about the beach I wandered
while the fruitful land reposed
and dipped into the future
as far as human eye could see

Her cheek once pale and thin
now rosy red and flushing
in the northern night
her spirit deeply dawning
in the dark of hazel eyes
her body shaken with a sudden
storm of sighs—

Feelings feelings fearing
they should do me wrong
for I have loved her
o so long

John Lyons

(Based on phrases from Tennyson’s poem, “Locksley Hall”.)


Cosmic moon

Cosmic moon

In the still night
           a bright moon seen
from my window on the world
           full almost
but shrouded in mist
           and I think
what silence
           before the stars were born
what emptiness
           before the appearance of space
what an eternity
           before the first pulse of time
a lightless lovelessness
           beyond comprehension
without word or tongue
           or creed or earthly ambition
pure nothingness
           no birth
no exhumation
           no mortal lullabies of pain
no narrowing lust for gold
           no blissful palpitations
in the blood
           no dust unto a dust
to return
           no breathing grace
no thing
           no no

John Lyons