Good care of souls

city fragment.jpg
City fragment, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Good care of souls

Good care of souls
           in the hands
of the poet
           in the words

Let us terminate
           our season in hell
and go forth
           in joy and charity

Let us dispel
           those mists
that keep us
           from seeing

what is
           before our eyes
In order to be one
           we must first separate

so as to conjoin
           in love’s singularity
A cloud
           has enveloped my days

but with a vengeance
           the sun will return
and with it spring
           with all its blossom

and blithe airs
           and you will shine
in all your inexhaustible

John Lyons



My eggs are precision boiled
the whites slightly firmed
the yellow yolks richly runny
the process timed to perfection

My egg cups are from Provence
pretty porcelain with painted flowers
and in between I read Rimbaud
on the redemptive power of love

John Lyons