A Valentine of sorts

A Valentine of sorts

In any case
           it’s always the particulars
this particular rose
           at this particular time
on this particular day
           for this particular love
at this particular juncture
           of your life
the faces shared
           in that particular mirror
and how your language
through the accumulation
           of particular shared
           so that you grew together
rather than apart
           and your hand felt good
in her hand
           to say nothing
of her lips
           and time had its own
           but you had
a particular shared agenda
           and the water flowed
under bridges
           and through canals
and along rivers
           where swans drifted
and you climbed
           certain particular hills
side by side
           and dined in places
that over time became familiar
           and the bond was love
that simple
           a Valentine of sorts

John Lyons