Blackberries – a seasonal poem

blackberriesThe Japanese haiku is a poem which replaces a few simple brushstrokes of the painter with a few simple words. It is a style of observational poetry built from short strokes of language.

Art is about observation and consciousness and the transference of that consciousness into an expressive form to create an aesthetic object. Sounds complicated, but it can be as simple as the representation of a bison on a cave wall, or as a poem by Molly Rosenberg, inspired by the picking of seasonal fruit.



Tearing skin
on sharpest thorns,
spots of crimson
stained on white shorts.
Deep green leaves,
folded, curled,
hiding the treasure
embedded within.
        A glint
of purple blackness,
first a single berry
then a cluster,
more and yet more
appear amid the cruelty
of the thorns
and the gentleness
of the leaves.
After the stabbing
and the pain
the sweetness
of the reward.

Molly Rosenberg

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