Gentle love will see us through
                  the harsh dark days of winter
the warmth of your voice
                  the light of your eyes
these are not clichés
                  they are what sustains the soul
in the withering wind
                  and the biting frost

Gone are the swallows
                  gone are the marigolds
and all things are in flux
                  The rocks and stones will pass
the rivers will run down
                  stars will burn to a cinder
for nothing lasts forever
                  not even time — time will pass
leaving only love
                  love is all that endures

So in the cradle of your arms
                  I will nestle until the ice
of winter melts
                  until summer suns
rekindle the earth’s fires
                  I will bed down in your embrace
and sing of love’s sweet sorrows
                  of all that was lost
and of all that was won

John Lyons

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