Dust that coalesces
         monomers and polymers
the primordial soup
         out of which life emerged
and with it
         the possibility of love
all driven by energies
         from the sun
and I think of you
         in your constituents
in your history
         in your childhood
and adolescence
         in your maternal role
in the journey of time
         through the maturing years
and in all your displacements
         and in all the challenges
that you have faced
         and the multitude of factors
that have brought you
         so close to me
and so dear to my heart
         so that I feel your flesh
to be my own
         your blood to be
the blood that courses
         through my veins
your kiss to be ours
         your love to be us

At first there was a darkness
         deeper than the deepest night
a cosmic nothingness
         until all hell was let loose
Such was our origin
         and so I think of you
as a pure body of light
         illuminating my life

John Lyons

As if a ring. . .

As if a ring. . .

As if a ring
         could open a heart
or win a hand
         no matter the size
of the diamond
         the number of gems

Love is the precious stone
         the many facets of which
light glows within
         love that girdles the couple
love that creates
         a homely pavilion
of eternal dwelling
         living breathing
molecular love
         so atomically bonded
that it can never
         be sundered
love that can cut its way
         through all eternity

As if a ring. . . !

John Lyons

At sunrise

At sunrise

The volatile light of day
         streams through the room
stirs the retina
         illuminates the objects
that lie within :
         a bed
a sofa
         a table
fresh cut flowers
         in a glass vase
a purple allium
         or a bird of paradise
the pleasure of things
         as they are
each precise object or condition
         or combination or process
exhibiting its own beauty
         facts overshowered with light
harmonies of intention and action
         fixed by first principles
And love lies sleeping still
         naked life in abeyance
beneath the blanket
         the majesty unmatched
of the human form
         body and soul
of my contentment
         warm by my side
to have and to hold
         and to love

John Lyons

The edge of life

The edge of life

In the night silence
         heart beating
through veins of love
         desire at rest
murmur of lips
         language beyond words
hungers in abeyance
         so she sleeps
nights fall
         days fall
leaves fall
         by the wayside
so the body rests
         secure in its truths
its gentle autumns
         universe of dreams
of breath
         and dilated lungs
the frosted glass
         at dawn
the waspish planet
         Venus rising
grace and beauty
         a lightness of touch
her mind her soul
         the cutting edge

John Lyons

In the slow-dawning day

In the slow-dawning day

In the slow-dawning day
       I think of you lying there
in your dream-fast sleep
       I think of your hair spread
across the pillow
       the rise and fall of your breast
the innocence of your limbs
       that languish in rest
I think of love and the fortune
       it brings to our lives
the tender give and take
       the strokes of affection
in the words exchanged
       the muscles that we engage
to smile and visually
       embrace each other

A poem needs so little
       to grow on the page
or a virtual poem held
       in the mind and perhaps
forgotten in an instant
       but vital nevertheless
in that split second of existence

Are roses and rocks and stone
       the only reality ? I think not
In the darkness
       the mind has mountains
we stagger around
       arms outstretched
anxious not to stumble
       we cling to each other
whisper words of comfort
       reach for the nearest
available light
       that will bring us
back to our bodies
       back to ourselves

In the slow-dawning day
       a shadowless moon
seen through my window
       and countless homes
shrouded in darkness
       shrouded in dreams
Life that teems with life
       currently at rest
virtual life about
       to be called into action
and all in the name of love
       survival of the species
Listen and you may hear
       the dim-coned bells
filling the mid-winter air
       with the transparencies
of sound – make no mistake
       : time and love
go hand in glove
       are partners
and are of the essence
       and are inseparable

John Lyons


Love is no abstraction

Jessie May Smart

The poem below was written shortly after midnight. I had just returned home from an evening spent with my good friend, the writer, Molly Rosenberg, herself an occasional contributor to these pages. Molly and I met in Peter Jones and dined in the Brasserie there before heading off to the Cadogan Hall to see Steeleye Span in concert. And what a wonderful performance it was: beautiful songs, beautifully sung and the musicians totally in command of their instruments. Notable in the band was the young violinist, Jessie May Smart who played with outstanding verve and expression, adding a rich harmonic layer to the music. At the end of the show, Molly and I, together with Janet – Jessie’s mother – had the pleasure of meeting the members of the band for a glass of wine, and the young violinist proved to be as charming as she is beautiful and talented. 

All this by way of explanation: having arrived home late, but not wishing to fail in my commitment to my daily blog, before turning in to my bed, I decided to write and post a new poem using an idea that I had been mulling over recently and no connection with the evening’s performance. Upon waking this morning, somewhat bleary-eyed and a little later than usual, I reread the poem and made a number of alterations. These impromptu poems I post are a work in progress, that’s all.


Love is no abstraction

Who is to say that the stars
             are abstractions because
they seem to be so far away ?
              Yet they are no more distant
than the light in your eyes
             they are there
in the effervescence of your smile

             there in every ginger step you take
along with every gasp of breath

We are pervaded by starlight
             we consume it night and day
in every possible shape and form
             and it is there
in the ardours of our love
             in the sparks of ignition
that fire our bodies
             and precipitate our kisses
There’s simply no escape from starlight
             simply nowhere to go
in the cosmos

              to get away from it

And so too to tender love !
             You talk of love
but love that’s not total
             is not love at all :
love is binary  – yes or no
              but never partial nor ever maybe
nor ever open to negotiation
              Love cannot lose an eye
or a limb and still be love –
             it is indivisible
it is whole
             or it is nothing at all
it is absolute or it is meaningless
              and it is what drives life forward
it is the human expression
             of sunlight
and in its absence
             lives wither and die
It certainly is no abstraction
             : look around



The sun dragging its heels
             a reluctant lover
loath to leave the bed
             on this cool December day
stillness in the house
             reality at bay
a lone bird somewhere faraway
             tuning its pipes
warming up its vocals
              The silhouette of trees
seen through the window
             motionless bare branches
Foxes have called in the night
              and neighbourhood cats
have frisked each other
             under a lacklustre moon

There was a girl in my dream
             her soft supple
fragrant body
             stretched out
on the cool white sheet
             beside me
and in my dream
             I reached out
to touch her
             and now she lurks
on the edge of every shadow
             a pool of innocence
in her warm hazel eyes
             insatiable longing in mine

John Lyons