Dust that coalesces
         monomers and polymers
the primordial soup
         out of which life emerged
and with it
         the possibility of love
all driven by energies
         from the sun
and I think of you
         in your constituents
in your history
         in your childhood
and adolescence
         in your maternal role
in the journey of time
         through the maturing years
and in all your displacements
         and in all the challenges
that you have faced
         and the multitude of factors
that have brought you
         so close to me
and so dear to my heart
         so that I feel your flesh
to be my own
         your blood to be
the blood that courses
         through my veins
your kiss to be ours
         your love to be us

At first there was a darkness
         deeper than the deepest night
a cosmic nothingness
         until all hell was let loose
Such was our origin
         and so I think of you
as a pure body of light
         illuminating my life

John Lyons

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