A walk in the park

A walk in the park

That we live in kindred spheres
         or shall we say parallel worlds
the world of beauty in diversity
          Nature pulling out all the stops
to impress us with its strength
         and its intrinsic delicacy
This world teems with survivors
         of every species
with plants and animals and birds
         that refuse to lie down
and give up the ghost :
         the parrots high up in the beech
removed from their native
         environment screech
above the sonorous cacophony
         to make themselves heard
to and fro they dart
         spreading the gorgeous plumes
of their tail feathers in flight
         kings of the pile
commanders of an air space
         they have made their own

The grass is soft under foot
         and lurking in the distance
moving stealthily behind bushes
         the glimpse of a fox
taking in the lie of the land
         a head count of the geese
and the ducks
         and their tiny fledglings
on the banks of the river
         the fox nursing its appetite
biding its time
         which we know will come soon
under the cover of dark

This is a cohesive radiant
         wilderness illuminated
by sharp blades of light
         drenched in shadows by night
when subtly the tables are turned
         and the gentle game is changed
The patient disposition
         of days and nights
in which the maple weaves
         its red loom and the red rose
silently amasses all the minerals
         it requires to send forth its bloom

John Lyons


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