Viola tricolor and more

Viola tricolor and more

For those who dote
         for those who fly the flag
of indolence
         of love-in-idleness
soft-petalled potions
         that deliver time’s comeuppance
instruments that calm
         the organs of inflammation
And so salute
         the pansy’s purple patience
if from the earth
         back down to earth
the phytochemicals
         upon which love broods
love breeds
         before all is ash

Cyclotides and peptides
         beneath moontides :
come lay in my bed
         flowers that tease the eye
and ease the heart
         antioxidant and edible
subtle colours
         to enliven the palate
even as they decorate
         the salted summer salad plate

Take a last look at lilacs
         soak in the naked fragrance
the body unlaced that quivers
         in the east wind :
here innocence is married
          to the rugged nights
of aimless desire
         in which soft blooms
are crushed
         in an iron embrace

John Lyons



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