Musings of the third order

Musings of the third order

Through the grey rain
         comes light
that gently lifts the sky
         the sun mirrored on wet leaves
that rock back and forth
         in the soft breeze
fingering its way forward
         I hear the howl
as it finds its way
         around the taller structures

If nothing lasts forever
         then hope never dies
eternity and infinity
         are after all
words of condemnation
         no Dante to rescue Beatrice
no Virgil to lead us
         through the Elysian fields

Age is upon me
         but I shrug my shoulders
turn a blind eye
         to failing sight
Life is not a matter
         of combustion
it is the exercise
         of the imagination
to take each day
         by the throat
and to be in it
         while there is
still a breath
         and a beating heart
Weather is simply
         a wakeup call
nothing lasts forever
         unless you so desire
and nothing outlasts

John Lyons


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