Love song

Love song

Let us help ourselves to each other
         now as the day delves into night
I want your kiss wet and ragged
         lean into the curve of my body
into the arc of my arms
         summer is but a memory
Here in the dark ages amid the raw
         raging savagery of politics
let me run the steel
         of my restless fingers through
the tangled tussock of your world
         let us lie ears cocked to recall
within the deep thunderous silence
         the sibilant sound of bees
and revive the taste of honey
         on our thirsting lips
let us distance ourselves
         from this blighted fiction
they insist on calling history
         love knows no weariness
see how the birds feed in the fields
         and when they are done
rise up in a single black blanket
          so eclipsing the dying light

From untravelled spaces
         come the floating stars
of the imagination
         that will light our way
and with each new nativity
         an act of love invoked
no days only moments
         of sweet franchise

Hold me deep deep within you
         and let the magnetic murmurs merge
as our bodies clamp and bind
         and our fortunes fuse
longingly lovingly
         north to south
a waking constellation alone
         of unrequited paradise
a supple core of tooth and nail
         and blood and blessed bone

John Lyons

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