Love song 3

Love song 3          

As the day dips
         into the empty night
let us lean in love
         to share a warm
and ragged kiss
         your body curved
into the arc of my arms

With summer but a memory
         and the honey bees
long gone
         only love
knows no weariness

See how the birds swarm
         in the fallow fields
how as one they rise
         to eclipse the dying day
before they too
         in a moment
are gone

See how the scintillations
         of long dead galaxies
still stir our imagination
         and every icy ray
brings a new nativity

Come now dear heart
         though love evokes
not days but moments
         of sweet franchise
let us be
         that fleeting constellation
our fortunes fused
         our paradise a subtlety
of tooth and nail
         unfettered flesh
and blessed bone

John Lyons

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