Enough for today

Enough for today

There are moments when it seems
         that every second counts
that every breath is precious
         and that nothing should ever
be taken for granted
         but those moments never last
we lose concentration
         and our minds relax

Wise stars can be foolish
         and he who understands
knows that nothing
         is ever finished
nothing is ever complete
         that the struggle
between heart and mind
         between body and soul
is in a rather loose way
         eternal and pointless

There is virtue
         and there is desire
the lilies in the field
         and the sparrows
that have been tallied
         well before our birth

To talk of the stars
         and the wide heavens
is no abstraction :
though they are
         they are very much more
than neighbours
         and light and energy
are our common

There is no beauty without light
         no rose without photosynthesis
and goodness lies in the transformation
         of light into beauty — and it is
our most natural process
         And so we walk in the light
and stumble and fall in the darkness
         and poetry is nothing more nothing less
than the enlightenment
         of words

John Lyons


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