Raw material

Raw material

Last night saw
           through the trapeze
of the skylight
           pitch black
a single star
           unmoved and unmoving

he who searched through
           the shadows of this world
for a palpable soul
           for an angel of wisdom
who might bring him

it’s what we do
           life into words
clutching at stray sounds
           at images and scents
and sensations
           all that is raw
and rooted in the earth
           black ink through which
the world may shine
           inner and outer

today glorious blue
           light dancing
as it alights
           on the fresh green leaves
the intoxication of sunshine
           all at peace
and full of promise
           my mind full of others’ words
echoes of unknown loves
           and observations

the dusty streets of New York
           the cutting edge of poetry
on the lips of Frank O’Hara
           black cat with a white belly
life in all its richness
           time with all the opportunity
it offers
           purpose cutting a path
through the confusion
           love where it can be trusted
a kiss at no cost
           but a kiss at all costs

John Lyons


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