Saturday in São Paulo

Parque Trianon
Parque Trianon, São Paulo

Saturday in São Paulo

The soft winter light
             falls at a certain angle
illuminating the tall buildings
             along the Avenida Paulista

I pass
             by the Parque Trianon
noticing every shade of green
             every leaf sharp in the mind
I’m heading in the direction
             of the Conjunto Nacional
to hunt for books
             in the Livraria Cultura

I see parents of young families
             proudly walking
with their kids and a feeling
             of tranquility reigns on the streets
a sense of relief from tensions
             of the working week 

It’s a day to enjoy
             and there’s no need
to scratch too deeply
             below the surface

John Lyons

This is a translation of a poem originally written in Portuguese


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