Music of the spheres

Music of the spheres

            by the power of the mind
or by the skill of the hand
            in fact both simultaneously
love that I perceive
            through this dense fog of being
that is a pleasure of mind and body
            located in the imagined heart
the hypotenuse that binds
            thought and feeling

Music of the spheres
            or earth echo
all songs of praise
            or in praise of
the power of breath
            As I so breathe
and memory substantial
a temple constructed
            to preserve
every inkling of love
            as fingers caress the petals
before raising the rose
            to the lips

She who abides there
            will know for all time
that she is the one
            Poetry a place
not just for the genuine
            but for the clarity
of undisputed emotion
            what moves the soul
through this moving

John Lyons



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