The one flame

The one flame

From darkness to light
            the diurnal round
sleep and then wake
            go out into the world
and be someone
            who carries an entire
world of language within
            we are all after all
composites of previous
            thought and language

Shakespeare knew
            what it was to be human
and to some small degree
            we know what is was
to be Shakespeare and so
            his words echo in the gut
and while there is
            a spark of life in me
my mind will hop from
            one thought to another
as the same old questions
            repeat time and again
whether or not
            it is nobler in the mind

As a riderless horse
            canters across a field
for no purpose
            other than to feel alive
I love the sound of words
            and names resonate within
they come charged
            with all manner of emotions
love being the strongest
            and in the deepest darkness
the one flame
            that never dies

John Lyons


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