Lightness of being

Lightness of being

Momentary in the mind
            a reflection caught
in the mirror
            or a sudden gust of wind
that nearly blows me
            off my feet

Portion control
            and the weight dropping
since mid-October
            16 pounds to date
nosing slowly towards
            my target
I walk on air
            a spring in my step
one less person to carry

I catch buses and trains
            I might have missed
Love is immortal
            the flesh is not
Care must be exercised
            but life as the poet says
is a sacrament of praise
            the beauty of all good things
the interminable flow
            of the seasons
along with my breath
            along with my blood
The only strings attached
            are those of the viol
the melodies that arise
            in my heart’s chamber

John Lyons



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