My Sunday morning

My Sunday morning

Sunday moves slowly
           through the day
I feel the emptiness of space
           all around me
the silence and the air
           moving imperceptibly
through the trees
           Life is breathing
and I’m soaking it in
           my mind dipping
into and out of
           a number of memories
flicking through emotions
           through times and places
where we were happy

She is never far
           from my thoughts
though she’s far
           from me now
There was a time
           when so much of her life
was a part of my life
           making absolute separation
           I learn to live with it
one day at a time
           I read poetry
for consolation
           poetry that is about
what truly counts
           human feelings
love for all things
           that are good
and the truest of all loves
           that never fades

John Lyons


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