Angel emerging


                    Angel emerging, John Lyons (unfinished, 70 x 50 cm, oil on canvas)

On the drawing board
       of creation an angel
emerges to save my soul
       Who in the dark night
has not heard her cry
       banished from paradise
she scours the earth
       imparting love
where love is due
       softening the sharp
edges of what we know
       to be universe

In silence she descends
       a flutter of wings
gentler than those
       of any species of moth
to dry tears where they fall
       a sparrow or a nightingale
crude prototypes in comparison 
       from the dawn of time
Come sweet angel free me
       from this soiled earth
and lift me up to that heaven
       where you and I belong

John Lyons

Corrected text


So too the angels

So too the angels

Purity of breath
           stripped of time
stripped of place
           no here or now
no looking on
           being not
in the moment
being the moment
           free from past
free from future
           intensity of the moment
that destroys time
           lovers locked
in an eternal embrace
           the fox has no plans
lives on the edge
           of its instincts
knows no failure
           bids nothing farewell

so too the angels
           who move silently among us
pure light unseen
           pure uncorrupted life
           unfathomable life
the unfolding flower
           that never fades

John Lyons