For the angels among us

For the angels among us

Angels more common
           than one would think
they move among us
           silently and their silence
is their message :
           the aura of innocence
lambs that gambol
           and skip and small
children who love
           blue skies and open fields
in which to romp
           laughter on their lips

To attempt to describe them
           would be foolish
for they are better known
           by their actions
pure and unselfish
           Wherever there is love
the angels are present
           they are the filters
through which our words
           pass when we wish
to praise the beauty of life
           in all its truth

John Lyons

Rilke’s Apollo

Archaic torso of apollo
Archaic torso of Apollo

Rilke’s Apollo

Value shaped
           by the heart
and by the hand
           lends form to love
The torso that gleams
           the flicker of stone
seen in the eyes
           all the softness
of starlight
           caught in the lines
from which these
           my words
take their life
The artist a beast
           that preys upon
the timeless universe’s
           and depth

John Lyons

Em português:

O Apolo de Rilke

Valor formado
            pelo coração
e pela mão
            dá forma ao amor
O torso que brilha
            o cintilar de pedra
visto nos olhos
            toda a suavidade
da luz das estrelas
            pego nas linhas
das quais
            minhas palavras
tiram a vida
O artista uma fera
            que faz pilhagem
da distância
           do movimento
da profundidade
           do eterno universo

A note to Orpheus

A note to Orpheus

When the wind rises
           the tree sings
with the rustle
           and tremor of leaves
and as the wind subsides
           so the music is lost
to stillness to silence :
           then birds congregate
in its branches
           and the tree becomes
a temple to their song
           the tree that so longed
to possess a voice
           provides a haven
a home for these
           visiting choristers

And a tree knows
           that music is as much
about silence as it is
           about sound
it is about the interplay
           between notes and rests
between the black
           and the white and
between life and death
           all on a stave

John Lyons