What’s in a name?

Verona, Ohio

What’s in a name ?

There is another Verona
           in which Romeo
never knew Juliet
           where no star-crossed lovers
ever met their untimely deaths
           a Verona devoid
of duelling Montagues
           and Capulets
and where the wooden homes
           have no balconies
from which to issue
           sighs of unrequited love

John Lyons


Out of the cosmic soup

petri dish

Petri dish, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Out of the cosmic soup

Out of an ionized
           and undifferentiated soup
of matter and radiation :
and the petrified hare
           diving beneath the hedgerow
the sparrow singing
           on your garden fence
the fox sunning itself
           on the shed roof
Romeo and Juliet
           and William Shakespeare
and Tooley Street
           and your hand in mine
and all things
           and all feelings
and all moments
           and Weinberg who wrote
of the first three minutes
           and this poem in particular
out of that selfsame
            articulate cosmic soup
out of the petri dish
           of my heart and mind

John Lyons