End of the affair

End of the affair

Love emerges intact
            from the edge of night
the poverty of winter
            behind us now
the disparate particles
            coalescing into what
we once were
            coupled in our nature
I who am still warm
            with love and you
who have grown
            distant and cold

I let you go
            I bid you farewell
make no attempt
            to restrain you
My love is yours to reject
             yours to regret
for the rest
            of your life

I cannot bind you to the memory
            of Tooley Street
nor the dusty roads of Paris
            nor to the easy give and take
of our salad days
            Though the mornings
have grown silent
            I say go
go to be whomsoever you need to be
            go wherever you will

Did you think
            that the moon
would fall at your feet
            or that all the earth’s rivers
would run dry ?
            In my eyes I hold
the courage to observe
            your departure
In my wounded heart
            I await your return

John Lyons

Out of the cosmic soup

petri dish

Petri dish, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Out of the cosmic soup

Out of an ionized
           and undifferentiated soup
of matter and radiation :
and the petrified hare
           diving beneath the hedgerow
the sparrow singing
           on your garden fence
the fox sunning itself
           on the shed roof
Romeo and Juliet
           and William Shakespeare
and Tooley Street
           and your hand in mine
and all things
           and all feelings
and all moments
           and Weinberg who wrote
of the first three minutes
           and this poem in particular
out of that selfsame
            articulate cosmic soup
out of the petri dish
           of my heart and mind

John Lyons

Simplicities of the sky

Simplicities of the sky

From what our bodies are built
           products of energy and time
things just as a king is a thing
           so too the commodities
that once passed through these docks
           things shifting things
in crates and boxes
           brain and brawn as lifting gear
their energies fired up for the day
           loading and unloading under a blazing sun
and the slow burn of all life
           and Tooley Street ablaze
with pushers of paper
           and thoughts and ideas
ten fingers to take the strain
           thoughts to hands
and hands to thoughts
           knowledge and sensation
and every breath captured
           new patterns of words
new-voiced visions
           and people not property
make a city and all made
           in time and in love

John Lyons