The magnolias are in bloom

Hilliers Spring Blossom (8th April 2014)

Wake to the soothing song
of birds who exist
outside of history
and beyond our fragile
moral codes

Their song that says
let’s build a nest
let’s raise a family
let’s propagate
the species

let’s reproduce
the timeless harmonies
of generations past
knowing only peace
and the absence
of enmity

Is love really that complex
and if so should it be so ?
Surely dog eat dog is nothing
to be proud of nor blind
ambition nor envy nor hatred

The magnolias are in bloom
: admire their beauty
and ask for nothing more
than the warmth of affection
a hand to take your hand

John Lyons

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Our common ownership

A poem for all seasons
syllables at the ready
sounds good

The subtle shift
from crocuses
to daffodils

as high pressure
settles in across
the continent

We have so much
to be thankful for
yet give such

little thanks : so much
life squandered
to no purpose

It’s not a competition
earth fire water air
belong to us all

No one should
own life : no one
should own death

love should be
our inalienable common

John Lyons

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