The Faerie Queen

Faerie Queene

More sky than sea
        more soil than land
the inventions of history
        cannot contain you

When the oil is spent
        the light goes out
the wick is thrown away
        Your spirit transcends

these times
        this place
your love knows
        no boundaries

John Lyons



Perfect silence

Perfect silence

The silence in which I sit
           the geometry of my desires
the circle and the square
           all perfect and the silence
against which the birds sing
           and the stars

Whoever heard
           of an imperfect star
or a sparrow or a bee ?
           Perfect the silence
in which I sit
           a silence of the mind
in which only words
           are heard only breath
in silent rhythms
           A would-be sonneteer
I lack discipline
           have only 
the abundance of an idle brain
          to offer

Soon daffodils and wild hares
           diving beneath hedgerows
and counting the days
           until love returns
soon day will break
           and night will fall
and swathe me
           in perfect silence

John Lyons